From 2010 – 2014, the LOGOS research group at the University of Barcelona joined with research groups in political philosophy at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and the Universitat de Girona in a large-scale research project titled PERSP: Philosophy of Perspectival Thoughts and Facts. PERSP was financed by the Spanish Consolider program, and it generated an enormous amount of philosophical activity and research output, forging ties between researchers at diverse universities that persisted well after PERSP’s funding ended. In order to formalize the partnership between the diverse analytic-tradition philosophy groups in Catalunya, the three universities (UB, UPF, UdG) came together to create the Barcelona Institute of Analytic Philosophy. BIAP’s mission is to continue and strengthen the collaborative connections between its member research groups, and host future joint research projects funded at the state and international levels.

Director’s Statement concerning the BIAP Workshop on Gender
Unfortunately, in the last hours of the BIAP Workshop on Gender, a protest action took place and unfolded in a way that led to a curtailment of the  academic expression of one of the workshop speakers.  Equally unfortunately, the composition of the workshop’s roster of speakers and one presentation’s title provoked serious concerns among members of the trans community, concerns that we were not adequately prepared to handle as events unfolded at the end of the workshop.  BIAP as an organization, and all its members, are fully committed to academic freedom and the right of academics to discuss and debate their ideas freely.  We also recognize that the right to free speech includes the right to protest speech, although the latter right does not overrule or nullify the former rights.  While we regret the way that the workshop ended, BIAP remains entirely committed to promoting the free exchange of ideas, backed by rigorous analytical argumentation and criticism, in an environment of openness, cordiality and mutual respect.