Óscar Muñoz Morán

Interim Doctor Contracted Professor Department of American History, Medieval and Historiographic Sciences / Faculty of Geography and History. Complutense University of Madrid

He has been a researcher-professor at El Colegio de Michoacán (Mexico), the Center for Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology-CIESAS (Mexico), at the Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico), at the University of San Antonio Abad de Cuzco (Peru) and at the “San Pablo” Catholic University (Bolivia), where I continue to teach classes in the Master’s Degree in Cultural Management in Diversity. He is professor of the Postgraduate Program in Amerindian Studies (UNED) and Director of the Spanish Journal of American Anthropology and the EntreGiros collection of NOLA Editores. 

He has worked among Purépecha indigenous people from the State of Michoacán (Mexico) and currently I do it with Quechuas from Potosí (Bolivia). I am interested in Amerindian perception of the past, local interpretations and modern reformulations of the most distant time, as well as the cosmology of the Andes, especially the relationship between humans and spirits.

Collaborations with CINAF

2019-2021 Comunicación indígena y patrimonio cultural en América Latina: conservación, revitalización, creatividad (PGC2018-095841-B_100)

2016–2018 Pueblos indígenas, medios de comunicación y significados del conflicto en América Latina: un estudio de antropología  (HAR2015-65442-P)

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