Abstract submission

Conference registration

Please, read the registration guidelines  CAREFULLY before proceeding with the registration.

Before the submission of an abstract, you must register for the conference and pay the fees (follow the link below):


Once you have paid the fees (credit/debit card ONLY) and finished the registration, you will receive an email (with subject: "Universitat de Barcelona - Registration for UB activity") with a link to your registration details (Keep this email to get to your payment details at any time later). There is a PDF document on the "Activity data" section as a receipt.  

2-Create an account for abstract submission (it cannot be used anymore)

Use the link "create an account" below to Sign Up (new account) or login with your username and password.

You will receive an email with a link to finish creating your ECVP account.

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3-Create or edit your abstract

Once you are registered, you can create or edit your abstract.

Remind that, to fulfill the abstract submission form, you need the Registration ID that appears in the pdf file with your registration details for the conference (step 1).

As a first author you can only submit one abstract (this includes speakers in symposia).

If you have an abstract created, you can access and edit it until the 11th of April, 2016:

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