The group of microbial enzymes for industrial application works on the development of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis, synthesis and/or biotransformation of natural polymers. Main topics of the research are the study of molecular biology of carbohydratases and lipases, and the identification and design of enzymes for biotechnological applications in pulp bleaching and paper recycling, production of biofuels, synthesis of new compounds from wastes, improvement of textile fibers, food industry and development of new materials based on lignocellulose.

The research group is working on the biochemical characterization and genetic manipulation of lipases, cellulases and xylanases, from the early stages of sampling, cloning and purification up to studies of structure-function relationship and enzyme engineering.

Main research interests are:

  • Identification of enzymes of industrial and environmental application
  • Molecular biology of cellulases, xylanases and lipases
  • Enzyme engineering and design
  • Development of enzymes for sustainable industrial processes

The enzymes studied have been cloned from  bacterial strains isolated from Iguazú forests (Argentina) and rice fields located in Ebro Delta (Catalonia, Spain).

Iguazu (Argentina) and Ebro Delta (Catalonia, Spain)