Individual case study analysis  


Target population

Primary and Secondary Education Actors.


The main goal of the project was the identification of the identities and the related differences between solutions applied to integrate ICT in primary and secondary Education in Scotland, France, Hungary, Italy, Norway and Greece focusing on the following transverse issues:

1.     The type of outside pressure on school systems to use ICT, and the effects of such pressure.

2.     ICT as a power issue within schools.

3.     ICT and two generations of teachers.

4.     Where computers are placed in schools (classrooms, computer labs, libraries, etc.), the problems involved, and the teaching implications.

5.     The “’Net generation”

6.     ICT as an object and as a learning tool.

7.     Information and continuing education for teachers in the educational use of ICT.

8.     ICT, methods, and teaching styles.


The operational objective of the project is to conduct, during at least two years, a set of field surveys, leading to a collection of case studies, and based on these case studies and the materials collected, to develop a set of cross-analysis about educational ICT uses in an intercultural perspective.