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PROJECT: Mantener y desarrollar las bases del conocimiento sobre la Flora de los Pirineos y los indicadores de seguimiento relacionados con el cambio climático (FLORAPYR)

Unió Europea; Interreg (POCTEFA)
Carrillo Ortuño, Amparo. Illa Bachs, Estela. Ninot Sugrañes, Josep M..

[2017/12]  An experiment with Open Top Chambers in four Pyrenean locations of snowfields
Within the POCTEFA FLORAPYR project, researchers of the University of Barcelona have coordinated the installation of passive heating devices known as Open Top Chambers (OTC) during the summer of 2017. These devices produce a slight temperature increase, which makes predictions possible on the short-medium term concerning the vegetation under study, in the context of current climate change.
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Research field:
Floristics and Taxonomy
Ecology of plant communities

Project results:

Catalan, J.; Ninot, J.M.; Aniz, M.M. (eds.) 2017
High mountain conservation in a changing world.
Advances in global change research, 62. Springer.
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