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Date Time Type RG Activity Speaker
28 May 201915:00RGGRSSexual Desire and the Phenomenology of Attraction
29 May 201910:15RGBSSalje & Geddes - "Conscious Experience: What's In It For Me?"
29 May 201915:00Colloquium TBARae Langton (Cambridge)
30 May 2019 Conference 11th Barcelona Workshop: Issues in Conceptual Ethics (BW11)
30 May 201915:00RGGRGtbaAarón Álvarez González 
31 May 2019 Conference 11th Barcelona Workshop: Issues in Conceptual Ethics (BW11)
04 June 201900:00RGIBAImplicit bias: Responsibility and Control
05 June 201910:15RGBSCarlota Serrahima - Dissertation Chapter
05 June 201915:00Seminar On how to achieve reference to covert social constructionsEsa Díaz-León 
06 June 201912:00Extra Talks The Complaints of the Represented
06 June 201915:00RGGRGtbaCarlos Benito 
10 June 2019 Conference DIAPHORA Workshop VI: Self-Knowledge