Research Group
in Analytic Philosophy

Andrea Rivadulla Duró

LOGOS- University of Barcelona

Andrea Rivadulla Duró




Universitat de Barcelona
Departament de Filosofia
C/ Montalegre, 6-8, 4th floor. Office 4090
08001 – Barcelona

I joined the Ph.D. program at the University of Barcelona in 2017, where I also finished the APhil MA in Analytic Philosophy (2017, With Honors). Before I graduated in Philosophy at the University of Barcelona (2014) and in Psychology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2016), with a double specialization in Clinical psychology in Adults and in Clinical psychology in Children and Adolescents. 


My main interests lie in Philosophy of Mind and in Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences. I’m especially interested in the significance and consequences that imaginative episodes have in our beliefs, emotions, and actions, as well as in the mental architecture that underlies these consequences. In my thesis, I currently focus on the interaction and overlaps between memory and imagination.



My Ph.D. project is funded by an FPI fellowship within the project “The significance of First-Personal attitudes”, and is carried under the supervision of Manolo García-Carpintero and Josep Macià. As a Ph.D. student, I have been a research visitor at the Institut Jean Nicod in Paris (January-February 2019).


When I don’t do philosophy, I love to read literature (Modernism!), as well as other more profane activities such as cooking and exploring nature.