Grup de Sistemes Supra i Nanoestructurats


Supra and Nanostructured Systems Group

Supra and Nanostructured Systems laboratory

Supra and Nanostructured Systems laboratory


Research Lines

Supramolecular Chemistry

We are developing luminescent water soluble systems able to give rise to the formation of gels, fibers, vesicles and other kind of supramolecular structures. We are pioneers in this kind of supramolecules grown from discrete complexes.

Applications as sensors, hydrogen production, liquid crystals, nanomaterials and biological properties are under study. European networks are decisive in some of the investigations carried out.


Nanoparticles of noble-metals (Pd, Au, Pt, Ru) are prepared and deposited on the surface of supporting materials, mainly magnetite, in order to study their catalytic behaviour in numerous processes, such as hydrogenation reactions, C-C coupling reactions and others. These studies are now being expanded to the formation of SACs (single atom catalyst) that generally are thought to be the best catalysts in terms of effectiveness and economy.


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