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Master on Advanced Medical Skills: Autoimmune Diseases

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General Information

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Facultat de Medicina (School of Medicine)

Master Secretariat:

C/Casanova 143, 08036 Barcelona

Tel.: 93 227 57 74
Fax: 93 227 17 07

e-mail: mmai@ub.edu



Cross skills profile
On completion of the master's degree, successful students will be able to:
-apply critical, logical and creative thought to their work;
-apply the scientific method and understand its limitations;
-use a range of software applications commonly applied to clinical and experimental research;
-work effectively in the research setting and understand the connections between basic research and its clinical applications;
-work in cross-disciplinary teams, collaborate with other researchers, and demonstrate initiative in independent work when required;
-work with and offer guidance to specialists in other areas;
-transmit knowledge in professional and public settings clearly and in more than one language;
-integrate knowledge from different disciplines and make judgements from limited information, taking into account the possible social and ethical repercussions;
-demonstrate up-to-date knowledge of the latest advances presented in the international scientific community.

Specific skills profile

Students will also acquire a range of specific competences, enabling them to:
-understand the current concepts of the role of the immune system in autoimmune processes;
-understand the advanced epidemiological, pathogenic, clinical and therapeutic aspects of autoimmune diseases;
-recognize and correctly interpret and diagnose complex alterations of the immune system;
-demonstrate an awareness of the most important and sofisticated complementary explorations for autoimmune diseases;
-develop, follow and evaluate clinical practice guides for treating patients with autoimmune pathologies;
-understand the bioethical and medical-legal principles of research and professional practice in the field of autoimmune diseases.


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