Steps to follow

Some recommendations:

1. Check calls for mobility programs: Calls for mobility programs at the University of Barcelona open twice a year, the first between the months of December-January and the second in the months of May-June.

2. Select the Programme of preference to make the exchange: Review the characteristics of each type of exchange, select the type of agreement that best fits to your needs.

3. Make university search: To do this you can use the PLACES FINDER. You can also find additional information from the universities in the section WHERE I CAN GO?

 4. Complete documentation established in each call: Online and physically.

5. Submit documentation: remember, deliver physically the documents in the place that establishes each call. The documents that are not delivered physically, will not be studied.

6. Review of documentation: the ORI will review your documentation. If necessary, will contact you for the delivery of any missing document. To confirm that the ORI reviewed your documentation and everything is in order, you must enter into the SOP management system and check the status of your file

7. Resolution of the call: to check the resolution of the call you must enter in the SOP and view the processing status of your file. When the call is solved each student receives an e-mail communication with the results.