General agreement

The UB has signed agreements with several universities in Europe, Asia, America and Oceania for student mobility.

The study period is generally 1 or 2 consecutive semesters and always in the same academic year.

The student must be enrolled at UB in the academic year of the call for exchange, and shall be exempt from payment of tuition fees at the foreign university.

Each student may present its candidature for exchange, at a maximum of three universities.

More information in GENERAL AGREEMENTS

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-Be enrolled in any degree or master at UB.

-Undergraduate students must have 60 credits completed at the time of application.

-Masters students must have enrolled a minimum of 30 credits, which must be overcome before the start of the stay.

-You should be able to take a minimum of 15 credits of courses for the academic year in which you will perform the exchange. Keep in mind that not count in these credits those who are related to research work or practice.

-Enroll at UB in the academic year in which you will perform the exchange.

-Attest a sufficient level of linguistic capability for the realization of activities in the Foreign university.



Students who want to make mobility within the GENERAL AGREEMENT must complete the ONLINE FORM  

The completed form should be submitted at any general register office of the UB, and include the following documentation:

-Online application form, printed and signed.

-Photocopy of the DNI / NIE

-curriculum Vitae

-Document of academic equivalence for each university, duly completed and signed by the head of the International Relations Office of the Faculty of Geography and History. The form must have the signature and stamp of the ORI, so consider time because this process may take a couple of days.

-Documentation relating to language skills, If applicable

-Academic record (this document must be requested directly from the academic secretary of the faculty and has no cost)

No request will be accepted if the documentation is not complete.

The documentation must be submitted at any registration office at the University of Barcelona. Information about OFFICES OF REGISTRATION 



The beneficiary of a GENERAL AGREEMENT mobility is exempt from the payment of tuition fees at the foreign university (you must always pay the corresponding tuition rates to UB)

Supports UB: students beneficiaries of mobility, automatically participate in the call for additional international mobility which eventually calls the university, with the economic conditions to be specified in the rules of each call.

Supports AGAUR: Aid to the international mobility of students with academic recognition of Catalan universities. The call is open each year for the months of June or July. The request has to be made independently and directly into AGAUR web page.

Get more information in GRANTS AGAUR

Santander Scholarships: Students who are granted a place in the CINDA Mobility program may apply for a grant from Banco Santander. The request has to be made independently and directly through the website of Santander scholarships.