Sociolinguistic data. Language figures

This section provides statistical data on the use of Catalan in different areas of university activity. The most regularly available figures are those describing the use of Catalan as the language of academic instruction (figures on this use have been provided every year from the academic year 2010-2011), as the language of doctoral theses (figures available since 1989-1990) and as the language of the final project of the bachelor’s or master’s degree (figures available since 2018-2019).

Regarding available data on the language of instruction, as of 1995-1996 a system of direct classroom observation was introduced using interns working on committees in the Catalan Language Promotion Network.

As of 1998-1999, the criteria established during 1992-1993 for the retrieval of data on the language of instruction were partially modified, and a new approach sought to broaden the resources from which data on university activity could be obtained by consulting various institutional circuits.

At the present time, this approach is still used in the retrieval of data on the language of instruction and the main source of information is the resource management system for academic staff (GR@D), which provides data on the language in which classes are taught.

Language figures: