Elias Rogent's project for the University of Barcelona (1868)

Elias Rogent’s final project for the building of the University of Barcelona. Memory of the architectural project dated February 18, 1868.

On August 24, 1859, the Catalan architect Elias Rogent was commissioned to design a new building for what was then known as the Literary University of Barcelona. Rogent did three projects, the first of which proposed the location of the University in the old convent of Carme. The second and third ones were essentially an adaptation of the first, but located on a site in the Eixample neighbourhood; the present-day location of the university. The third project, represented in this plane, projected a central body topped by a triangular pediment with the monarchical shield and a medallion on each side: one with the effigy of Alfonso V the Magnanimous and the other with that of Queen Elizabeth II.

Image: Photogravure reproduction of the original drawing by Elias Rogent stamped manually by the workshop masters of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona. © Historical Archive of the Official Association of Architects of Catalonia (COAC)