Welcome to the 44th AME Conference in Barcelona!

The 44th Conference of the AME Association for Moral Education will be held at the Hotel Alimara in Barcelona from November 8 to 10, 2018.

This year we will focus on Moral Education Toward a Caring Society, Civic Engagement and Moral Action. Increasingly in today’s global society we are witnessing a focus on personal and local concerns to the detriment of larger human interests. Abstract conceptions of fairness and justice are insufficient to offset self-interest in countries with emerging economies, and in Western societies being challenged by tribalism and a return to ethic nationalism. In this conference we want to underline the role of care and related constructs of empathy in conjunction with concerns for justice in generating civic engagement and moral action. We aim to underline the need to respond with care to others in all situations but particularly in the school environment. In doing so, we wish to reopen the discussion about the relationships between care and justice. This will include the role of gender in moral development. Our goal is to move beyond stale past debates and to consider anew the relations between care and justice, reason and emotion, especially as they related to civic engagement and moral action.

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