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  • UB Chairs and Minor Chairs: an essential partnership between the University and company and organizations

    UB chairs and minor chairs are the ideal pathway to achieving objectives of common interest.


Àlvar Agustí: bringing systems biology to COPD


Post-graduate in Data Analytics for Social Science


Head-to-Head Debates 2021-2022 “Inhibidores de CDK4/6 en cáncer de mama: eligiendo el major”

Reasons for partnering with UB chairs and minor chairs

We promote agreements with companies and organizations to jointly develop training, research, knowledge sharing and transfer, cultural and social activities.

"A strategic partnership with a modern institution of excellence dedicated to higher education and research."

Dr. Mariano Marzo, Director of the UB Repsol Foundation Chair in Energy Transition

The chairs and minor chairs

Tots els temes

UB Arrhythmia Chair

Director Lluís Mont Girbau



UB Chair on Innovation in Precision Oncology

Alelix Prat Aleix Prat Aparicio



UB‒Hospital Clínic‒AstraZeneca Chair on Lung Cancer

Director Mariano Monzó Planella


Number of chairs and minor chairs

The impact of chairs and minor chairs

330.000 €

Income in 2016 

1.050.000 €

Income in 2020