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Departamento de
Psicología Social y Psicología Cuantitativa, UB
Sección Cuantitativa

Campus Mundet
Edifici de Ponent 4a planta

Pg. Vall d'Hebron 171
08035- Barcelona
Phone: 93 312 50 93
Fax: 93 402 13 59


The history of our Department has come from the trajectory of our existence in the Faculty, since in its beginnings, in 1968, there was only one Department of Psychology at the University of Barcelona, ​​which included all teachers, and it was first icluded in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, and later in the Faculty of Philosophy and Sciences of the Education. In 1977, four departments were created, including Experimental Psychology, with Dr. Jaume Arnau as its first Director. In 1983, the Council of Ministers approved the creation of the Faculty of Psychology.

Following the publication of the Royal Decree 1888/1984 of September 26 (BOE 26/10/1984), which established the catalogue of Knowledge Areas, the so-called Methodology of Behavioral Sciences resulted in a change of name of the Department, which assumed the name of the Area of ​​Knowledge, parallel to how it happened with practically all Departments of the Faculty of Psychology. And since 1983 the Department of Behavioral Sciences Methodology has functioned as such, having sub-areas of Data Analysis, Experimental Methodology, Observational Methodology, and Psychometrics.

At present time, it has been merged with the current Department of Social Psychology, adopting the name of Social Psychology and Quantitative Psychology.

We are present in the degrees of Psychology, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, and Social Work. Also, we participated in 14 masters. We have a teaching staff made up of 6 professors, 12 full professors, 3 professors,2 interim professors and 13 professors distributed in the categories of lectors, associates and scholars.

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