Universitat de Barcelona

Arab and Hebrew Studies

What you will learn

This bachelor's degree will teach you the knowledge required to use the Arabic and Hebrew languages orally and in writing. You can choose between two pathways, Arabic Studies and Hebrew Studies. By means of linguistic and literary approaches, and through the use of new technologies, you will acquire training to understand and make critical readings of key literary texts in the languages studied; to become familiar with fundamental aspects of Arabic, Islamic and Jewish cultures and their main institutions; as well as with the most relevant historical events and the most meaningful schools of thought.

Number of ECTS credits: 240
Branch of knowledge: Arts and Humanities
Faculty or school: Faculty of Philology and Communication


What you will need

  • Solid language skills (general reading and writing skills, and listening and speaking in an academic context).
  • The ability to work towards goals.
  • Critical and reasoning skills, the ability to relate concepts and extrapolate from these, and summary and analytical skills.
  • Memory, reading culture and personal interest in intellectual development.
  • Interest in language and literature.
  • Knowledge of other foreign languages and basic IT skills.
  • Interest in learning about Semitic languages and cultures of the Near and Middle East, Arab, Islamic, Judaic and biblical cultures, and the legacy of al-Andalus and Sephardic Judaism.

Study area (information available in Catalan)


Admission for students with studies completed outside Spain

Admission for students with studies completed outside Spain.

Applicants holding higher educational qualifications from a university outside Spain should consult the page Admission with foreign qualifications to find out about specific admission requirements.

Fields in which you can work

  • Teaching.
  • Translation and interpreting.
  • Curatorship and consultancy in the area of permanent collection and temporary exhibition.
  • Sociocultural management.
  • Publishing and editing.
  • Assessment, translation and production of media studies and reports.
  • Cultural mediation.
  • Cooperation and development.
  • Sales and business consultancy.
  • Language engineering and natural language processing for private sector IT using Arabic and Hebrew.