Universitat de Barcelona


What you will learn

The principles and practice of medicine and the skills to pursue a medical career.

Skills in examination, diagnosis, procedure and protocol, prognosis, health promotion and preventive medicine.
Training in basic, social and clinical sciences, and in the fundamental principles of medicine and medical practice.
Health care skills (research, teamwork and education and management), personal development skills (self-assessment, learner autonomy, concern for quality and motivation).

Number of ECTS credits: 360
Branch of knowledge: Health Sciences
Faculty or school: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

What you will need

Communication skills.
Personal vocation and desire to serve the community.
Personal competence and stability in the task of acquiring the course contents and skill in adapting to collaborative learning environments.
An understanding of causality and the ability to establish cause-effect relationships.
Successfully completed school leaver studies in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.
English language skills.
The knowledge of other relevant languages

Distribution of credits

Subject area typeECTS credits
Basic training93
Compulsory placements0
Compulsory final project6

Subjects (information available in Catalan)

Admission for students with studies completed outside Spain

Admission for students with studies completed outside Spain
Applicants holding higher educational qualifications from a university outside Spain should consult the page Admission with foreign qualifications to find out about specific admission requirements.

Fields in which you can work

Fields in which you can work

State-regulated medicine.