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General information

This course may undergo changes in the calendar, teaching methodology or assessment procedure depending on the course of events and the guidelines of health authorities in relation to the COVID-19 crisis. Notwithstanding, the quality of the training and the achievement of objectives are guaranteed in all cases.
Qualification awarded: Master (Degree Universitat Barcelona)
  • Muñoz Gracia, Isabel
  • Vergara Gasulla, Enrique
  • Sabaté Rotés, Xavier
Number of credits: 60,00
Length of course (in academic years): 1
Mode of delivery (face-to-face/ blended/ distance): Face-to-face
Centre responsible : Faculty Of Biology
In-company placement(s): No
Enrolment fee:
  • 4.990,00 €
  • An increase of 10% is applied to the price, up to a maximum of € 70, as administration fee
Classes begin: 10/10/2022

Courses of postgraduate course that integrate the master or postgraduate degree and that can be processed separately

Objectives and admission

Learning objectives:
- To acquire a global perspective on the main vectors that define the environment and determine the sustainability of the way in which it is used: ecology, sound, water, waste, atmosphere and soil.
- To acquire knowledge in one of the following specializations: Environmental Diagnosis, Renewable Energy, Environmental Education and Governance for Sustainability.

Specialization in Environmental Diagnosis
- To learn to use tools for environmental analysis, diagnosis and management.
- To develop skills to design environmental management systems.
- To acquire the knowledge required to design preventive and corrective measures for natural resource sustainability.
- To learn the techniques and regulations associated with the environmental assessment of plans, projects and programmes, and to learn to define strategies for minimizing environmental impact.

Specialization in Renewable Energy Sources
- To learn the sources of renewable energies and the technologies for their exploitation.
- To acquire the basic knowledge and skills to plan and manage renewable energy projects.
- Receive specialist technical training to assess the energy efficiency of processes and facilities and to optimize the use of resources.
- To understand the legal framework of renewable energy use.
- To learn to measure the environmental impact of renewable energy facilities.

Specialization in Environmental Education and Governance for Sustainability
- To know the different scenarios where educational tasks can take place.
- Acquire the training to design and carry out environmental education programmes and projects now and in the future.
- To acquire the tools to assess environmental education programmes and projects.
- To acquire a professional understanding of effective communication techniques.
- To acquire the knowledge and skills to draw up and implement an environmental communication plan.
- To learn to define the strategies needed to achieve effective social commitment to sustainability through civic engagement.
- To learn the different techniques and tools to mediate in and resolve environmental conflicts.
- To gain the knowledge required to reflect on current reality in a plural, objective way through the use of theoretical and practical resources.

Recommended applicant profiles and admission requirements:
Master's Degree:
- Holders of bachelor's degrees, pre-EHEA degrees and diplomas, engineering degrees and technical engineering degrees.
- Professionals with experience in the fields of the environment, communication, education or renewable energy.

Postgraduate degrees:
- Holders of bachelor's degrees, pre-EHEA degrees and diplomas, engineering degrees and technical engineering degrees.
- Professionals with a knowledge of the environment who are looking to specialize in environmental management, renewable energy, environmental education, communication and participation.

Students with no prior university qualification who enrol in the master's degree or postgraduate diploma receive a university extension diploma, whereas those who enrol in the expert course receive a university extension certificate.

Admission for applicants not holding a degree qualification:
Students who are not university graduates may be admitted on these courses. These students will be eligible for a university extension course certificate.Information regarding the entry requirements in this case can be obtained from the course coordinators.

Date on which pre-enrolment begins: 5/2/2022
Date on which pre-enrolment ends: 9/30/2022

Further information


Name of individual or institution: IUSC
Address: C/ Fontanella, 19 08010 Barcelona Espanya
Email address: info@iusc.es
Webpage: http://www.iusc.es/contacto-ub
Telephone: 934125455

Observations: Face-to-face classes, Monday to Friday, from 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.


Name of individual or institution: IUSC
Address: C/Fontanella, 19, pral. 08010 Barcelona Espanya
Email address: info@iusc.es
Webpage: http://www.iusc.es/contacto-ub
Telephone: 93 4125455

Observations: Open to the public from 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. and from 3.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.