Universitat de Barcelona

BRAC: Barcelona. Recerca. Art i Creació. (Art i ciència. Identitat creativa i territori)

General information

Recogised research group by the Generalitat de Catalunya

BRAC (Barcelona, research, art and creation)

Art and Science. Applications and implications

To carry out studies on the interaction between art and science an their applications to specific projects such as landscape, urban, arquitectural and art in general.

Sustainability, landscape regeneration and citizen involvement are the                  criteria to taken in consideration as well as applying the contemporary                  idea of transversal knowledge.

UNESCO codes: 620304 - Dibuix, gravat / 620307 - Pintura / 620309 - Escultura

Key words: 000797 - Estética / 006689 - Ciencia / 021332 - Art

Thematic area: 1000 - Humanitats

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