Lectures are held at the premises of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona and the Faculty of Economics and Business of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Both campuses are accessible and well connected by public transportation to the city of Barcelona.

This is a one year full-time master composed by compulsory courses (25 ECTS), elective courses (20 ECTS) and a Master thesis (15 ECTS).  Candidates holding a degree different than Economics might be requested to attend introductory courses in Economics (2.5 ECTS) and Statistics (2.5 ECTS), see below. Attendance is compulsory.

Compulsory courses (25 ECTS)

Module Subject ECTS
Fundamentals Fundamentals of labour economics 5
  Personnel economics 2.5
  Labour market macroeconomics 2.5
  Labour market, globalization and technological change 5
Quantitative methods Econometrics 5
  Microeconometrics 2.5
  Macroeconometrics 2.5

Elective courses (20 ECTS)

Module Subject ECTS
Advanced topicsHuman capital and migration 5
Discrimination 2.5
Population and family economics 2.5
Health economics 2.5
Economics of inequality 2.5
Applied labour economicsSociology of work 2.5
Economics of entrepreneurship 2.5
Economics of education 2.5
Labour market institutions 2.5
Additional topics in labour economics 5
Advanced quantitative methods Impact evaluation 5
Panel data 2.5
Big data and machine learning 2.5

Master thesis (15 ECTS)

Introductory courses (0-5 ECTS)

Module Subject ECTS
Introductory courses Introductory Economics 2.5
  Introductory to Quantitative Methods (Maths & Stats) 2.5