Honoring the 70th birthday of Prof. Antoni Planes

Barcelona,  September 22, 2023
Aula Magna Enric Casassas, Facultat de Física UB




9.30-9.45  Welcome. Xavier Batlle (Head of the Department of Condensed Matter Physics, UB)

9.45-10.30  Lluís Mañosa (UB). Toni: The Quiet Wisdom.


10.30-10.50  Coffee Break.


10.50-11.20  Avadh Saxena (Los Alamos National Laboratory, US). A mesoscopic peregrination through phase transitions: Ferroics, multiferroics and beyond.

11.20-11.50  Mehmet Acet (Duisburg Essen Universität, Germany). Magnetism of Ni-Mnbased functional Heuslers.

11.50-12.20  Ekhard Salje (University of Cambridge, UK). Progress in Avalanche Research.

12.20-12.40  Jordi Marcos (CELLS-ALBA). ALBA Synchrotron: past, present and future of
Catalonia’s Synchrotron Light Source.

12.40-13.00  Marcel Porta (UB). Comparison between elastocaloric and flexocaloric effects in shape memory alloys.


13.00-14.30  LUNCH


14.30-15.00  Xavier Moya (University of Cambridge, UK). Ferroelectric materials and devices.

15.00-15.20  Jordi Ortín (UB). In the beginning, there was the thermodynamics of hysteresis.

15.20-15.40  Pol Lloveras (UPC).  Disorder as a source of colossal barocaloric effects.


15.40-16.00  Coffee Break.


16.00-16.20  Carlos Frontera (ICMAB). Spin Hall magnetoresistance in La2CoMnO6/Pt
bilayers and the role of magnetic interface.

16.20-16.50  Francisco José Pérez-Reche (University of Aberdeen, UK). Power-law and lognormal avalanche size statistics in solids and living cells.

16.50-17.20  Eduard Vives (UB). Labquakes: scale invariance, power-laws and double powerlaws.

17.20-17.50  Online contributions.


17.50-18.00  Closing.