Instituto de Nanociencia
y Nanotecnología

Universitat de Barcelona

Indicadores de Transferencia

Transfer Indicators

A relevant indicator is the number of spin-off companies emerged from IN2UB. The Institute has 7 spin-offs currently active, one of which has been created this year.

  • Nimble Diagnostics, a newly created (2022) UB, IGTP and UPC spin-off, founded to monitor stent using microwave technology, being Dr. Javier Tejada Palacios a co-founder of this newly created spin-off.
  • ColorSensing, S.L, created in 2018 by Dr. Juan Daniel Prades García, devoted to smart packaging for food processing efficiency, quality, and safety.
  • Enlighting Technologies (Kumux), created in 2017 by Dr. Blas Garrido Fernández and Dr. Sergi Hernández Márquez. It aims at achieving a more comfortable and adaptable light to each need and situation. They have developed the FLEXILIGHT-UB technology, which is able to reproduce any spectrum of light accurately and imitate any kind of light.
  • Impetux Optics, S.L., created in 2012 lead by Dr. Mario Montes Usategui. Impetux Optics focuses its activity on Design, Manufacturing and Marketing of optical force measurement systems for Optical Tweezers. The company makes available a patented technology that overcomes existing limitations, providing clear advantages when measuring optical forces. The systems developed, allow force measurements in experiments where trap stiffness calibration is difficult or impossible.
  • Advanced Nanotechnologies, S.L., created in 2012 by Dr. Enric Bertran Serra, Dr. Esther Pascual Miralles and Dr. José Luís Andújar Bella. Advanced Nanotechnologies S.L. is devoted to materials and surface applications addressed to general consumers and to the business market. It supports R&D projects by developing specific processes and equipment for each application. The company offers innovative solutions based on nanotechnology adapted to specific developments of the costumers, related to the manufacturing of nanostructured materials. It offers also consultancy services.
  • Smalle Technologies, S.L. (by Dr. Christophe Serre and Dr. Alejandro Pérez Rodríguez), created in 2012. Smalle Technologies is a company that develops new methods for maximizing the benefits from renewable and sustainable energy sources in order to address energy supply shortages of off-grid devices. Smalle Technologies develops generators that transform the energy contained in the waves into electricity to supply power to off-shore devices.
  • EndoASIC, S.L. (2013) (Dr. Angel Dieguez Barrientos, Dr. Oscar Alonso Casanovas and Dr. Ana Vilà Arbonés, members of the entrepreneurial group). This company develops, using micro and nanotechnologies, autonomous minimally invasive systems for the substitution of gastrointestinal endoscopic systems.

During 2023 period, IN2UB has applied for 33 patents.