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  • School of Nursing - UB
  • Campus Ciències Salut Bellvitge
  • Feixa Llarga, s/n
  • 08907 L'Hospitalet Llobregat
    (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Tel. 93 402 42 93
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The research, development and innovation activities carried out by researchers at the School of Nursing are channelled through a series of research groups, participation in the teaching of doctoral programmes across a range of faculties, and involvement in national and international research networks. We are open to all forms of collaborative initiatives and joint research in the area of individual and collective health, working with universities, healthcare facilities and social health structures, and with companies involved in innovation and knowledge transfer activities in the field of human health.

Research into personalized nursing care strategies and measures to improve patient health forms the basis of the School's scientific output. We are also actively involved in research into advanced clinical practice, the influence of teaching methodologies on the learning experience of nursing students, and the relative efficiency and effectiveness of nursing procedures in public health systems. Our work across these areas has placed us alongside the most prolific and the highest quality centres of nursing research in Spain.

The School has its own research groups and also works with many external researchers and collectives, contributing to an interdisciplinary approach to health sciences and social sciences that we consider vital to improving health, which is the primary focus of all our research.

Each year we welcome visiting researchers from Spain and abroad who are looking to expand their training through our university master's degrees or by taking up a predoctoral or postdoctoral scholarship.