Programme (current status, 2024-04-12)

Wednesday, Sep 25th

Keynote 1. In the Middle East, practice trumps paper versus digital.  

Stéphane Ipert. Director of heritage and documentary projects at Caravane-Earth foundation ( Adjunct Professor at American University of Afghanistan. Previously director of Heritage Library in Qatar National Library (2017-2023). 

Session 1. Library Architecture: New Innovations.  

Chair: Andy Appleyard, UK. 

As print collections continue to expand, so must library storage. Increasingly, new innovations are influencing how libraries can preserve print collections reflecting - budget, space, access frequency, environmental conditions and how to be more ‘green’. This session will showcase three examples from very different perspectives. 

Session 2. Planning for sustainability.  

Chair: Theo Stubbs, UK. 

This session considers how collaborative projects can be designed for sustainability. When planning this type of work it is always necessary to think long term, and how workload, financial costs, and environmental factors can be distributed and maintained long into the future. These presentations will showcase how some projects have addressed these challenges, reflecting the specific contexts they work in. 

Session 3. Safety plans: how do we prepare our teams in the event of disasters?  

Chair: Frédéric Brodkom, Belgium. 

Faced with the risk of fire, flooding or even biological hazards, most libraries have set up emergency plans that include prevention, preparation of materials and staff training. This session will provide an opportunity to hear about some good practice in this area, which is crucial to the preservation of collections. 

Thursday, Sep 26th

Keynote 2. CAVAL, Australian shared print collaboration (Australia).  

Jamie McCowan, CEO CAVAL. 

Session 4. Access to Print in an age of mass digitisation.  

Chair: Eoin McCarney, Ireland. 

This session will examine various approaches to maintaining availability of print materials in the digital age. It will debate the continued importance of print and the challenges inherent maintaining access at scale (preservation, storage, circulation models). The presentations will outline innovative approaches to these challenges. 

Session 5. Future of print from a publisher’s perspective.  

Chair: Brigitte Kromp & Wolfgang Mayer, Austria. 

Various publishers will provide insights into their views on and strategies regarding the future of print publications in academia. 

Session 6. Collaborations: lessons learned. 

Chair: Amparo Llorente, Spain. 

EPICo is a collaborative network, and with that in mind, EPICo’s partners will present in this session short updates about their projects. We will learn about their advances, difficulties, new initiatives and collaborations. Some of this project updates will be also be available through posters. 

Friday, Sep 27th

Keynote 3. Importantness of Metadata for Shared Print and Global Cooperations.  

Heather Weltin, Content & data Management Lead and Shared Print Program Officer at HathiTrust Digital Library and co-chair of the Partnership for Shared Book Collection's and Rosemont's Shared Print Alliance Shared Print Metadata Group 

Anna Striker, Systemwide Library Planning Senior Analyst at California Digital Library and co-chair of the Partnership for Shared Book Collection's and Rosemont's Shared Print Alliance Shared Print Metadata Group.

Panel discussion.