We work with people to solve
complex social challenges

Living Lab UB is the University of Barcelona‘s Social Innovation Laboratory,
which offers innovative solutions through a user-centred methodology
based on the active involvement of all social agents
—companies, clients/users, the administration, and UB researchers—

What we do


How we work

At Living Lab UB we set up a multidisciplinary team of UB research staff
for each challenge, engaging the relevant actors, and creating an experimental environment
where they can explore, co-create, and evaluate according to the needs of the project.

Living Lab UB has the best human, material, and knowledge resources for tackling social challenges:


Over 6,000 researchers


Supported by the prestige of the UB, the leading research university in Spain


The experience of the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation in managing knowledge transfer

Facilities and tools

Research facilities and tools suitable for social research


Featuring a double approach – innovative and educational – to generate more social impact

Our collaborators

Are you looking for an innovative solution to a social challenge in your company or institution?

Contact us at livinglabub@fbg.ub.edu and we will advise you.
We offer an innovative methodology focused on your users and clients

Some of our experts

Sergio Villanueva

Co-creation methods
«A Living Lab offers exceptional, comprehensive, rigorous, impacting, and socially consensual results».

Juli Ponce

Good Governance
«Collaboration between stakeholders is an essential feature».

Jordi Suriñach

Socio-economic impact analysis
«Data must be analysed in order to draw conclusions and to be able to act in an informed way».

Our collaborators