Anna Bofill Levi

Composer and architect, since the beginning of her studies she has been interested in art and science, and in particular organic architecture, mathematical theories of isometric movements, Boolean algebra and probability, as well as electroacoustics and musical computing, and she is a researcher of more habitable spaces and cities. She has studied with Jordi Albareda, Gabriel Brncic, Lluis Callejo, Eduard Bonet, Iannis Xenakis and Luigi Nono, among others.

Her works have been programmed in Spanish, European and American cities, and at festivals and congresses of contemporary music. She has specialized in the knowledge and dissemination of the music of women composers. She has several articles published in specialized journals, having also given lectures and courses. She also coordinates poetic-musical performances. She publishes in Clivis, Dinsic, La ma de Guido, Periferia and Musica Studio. Last publication, Generation of forms: space to inhabit, time to think, Deutscher Kunstverlag, Akademie der Bildenden Konchen. Berlin, Munchen., 2009. She received from the Generalitat de Catalunya the Francesc Macia prize for work in 2013.