What is Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone

  • Rosetta Stone is an online self-study language learning software, intended for beginner to advanced learners.
  • You will learn autonomously and at your own pace by completing auto-corrective exercises, and you will recieve immediate feedback.
  • You will improve the four basic language skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing, with an emphasis on language production.
  • You will be able to study anywhere and at any time with Rosetta Stone’s mobile apps.

Why should you choose Rosetta Stone?

  • In Rosetta Stone you will be able to work with Catalyst, a tool that boosts you learning proces by ofering personalized itineraries for each language and learner!
  • Before starting, you will take a placement test and the software will indicate the most appropiate modality, level and content for you.
  • During the semester you will be able to take two assessment tests, which will give you new information about your progress (with equivalencies to the MECR levels) during your learning process.
  • You will be able to study all content and levels of the target language, as well as study as many languages as you want, without limit!
  • Flexibility: improve any language, anywhere, anytime. Rosetta Stone also counts with two applications, on for beginners (A1, A2 and B1) and the other for more advanced levels (B1, B2 and C1), which offer the possibility to download the contents to your smartphone or tablet and work offline.

UB Advantages

  • You will recieve periodic mailing with information on how to get the most out of the software’s learning options.
  • You will be able to take part in initial virtual training sessions so as to help you get started with the software, learn about all its possibilities and resolve any doubts.
  • For each completed level, you can opt for a certificate of achievement issued by University of Barcelona’s Language Services (Serveis Lingüístics de la UB).

System requirements

  • Work from your computer, tablet or prefered mobile device.
  • Operating system:
    • Windows 7 or later versions.
    • Mac OS X 10.9 or later versions.
    • ChromeOS last version.
  • Browsers:
    • Current version and three previous versions of Chrome and Firefox.
    • Current version of Safari Edge Chromium.
  • Hardware, software and other requirements:
      • Windows: 2,33 GHz for processors compatibles with x86 and 1,6. GHz for netbooks with an Intel® Atom™ processor.
      • Mac: 1,33 GHz for Intel Core™ Duo.
      • 1 GB available RAM.
      • Display resolution, 1024 x 768.
    • JavaScript enabled.
    • USB headset with microphone.
    • Mobile devices: iOS 12 or later version; Android 6 or later version.