The Faculty of Earth Sciences will receive the visit of the External Evaluation Committee (CAE) to evaluate the SAIQU-CCTerra for system certification

News | 04-12-2023

The Faculty of Earth Sciences will receive on November 30 and December 1, 2023 the External Evaluation Committee (CAE Catalan version) to carry out the certification visit of the implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System (SAIQU-Earth Science) . The first day of the visit will be dedicated to analyzing the 6 dimensions that make up the SAIQU-UB model (1. Review and improvement of the SGIC; 2. Design, review and improvement of training programs; 3. Teaching-learning and student support ; 4. Academic staff; 5. Material resources and services; 6. Public information and retention of accounts) with an interview with the people responsible for the Specific Quality Processes (PEQs) that are linked to each of the dimensions. On the second day, the CAE will interview the different interest groups: Department heads, teaching staff, students, graduates and representative members of the Faculty's Quality and Academic Innovation Commission. The specific agenda can be consulted here.

On this day there will also be an open audience space so that those who wish to attend and who have not been summoned to any of the previous sessions can attend. As an additional mechanism to the open audience, AQU Catalunya makes available the corporate email, so that interested people can share their comments in case they cannot participate in person. Likewise, at the end of the day, the Committee will also meet with the people responsible for the quality technical team of the UB and the transversal SAIQU.

The Faculty of Earth Sciences already received a previous visit last September 12, 2023 with the president, Alfonso Carlos Davalillo, and secretary, Andrew Tunnicliffe, of the CAE to determine if it was appropriate to continue with the certification process from the documentation presented, as well as the information collected during the interview. The visit covered aspects such as: the Quality Policy, the Master Plan: strategy and objectives, the Command Chart and monitoring of indicators, the Review and improvement of SAIQU (Improvement Plan), Information Management, document management, coordination of center processes with UB transversal processes and retention of accounts to the various interest groups and the University. As a result of that visit, the CAE considered that the Faculty has the necessary information to address the evaluation of the implementation for SAIQU certification.

SAIQU certification is a requirement to obtain institutional accreditation. The objective of the evaluation for the certification of the Internal Quality Assurance System (SIGQ) is to check that the system is implemented and deployed in the center responsible for the teaching of degrees under the scope of the SIGQ, and that it is suitable for the assurance of its quality.