The Faculty of Earth Sciences offers official courses of study at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. To support further learning, it also offers a variety of lifelong learning and university extension programmes, as well as specific extension programmes for the School of Gemmology.

Bachelor's degrees currenly last four years and are offered in Marine Sciences, Geology, and Geological and Environmental Engineering, the latter in conjunction with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Each course provides students with the skills and competences they will need for professional practice in each field.

Master's degrees help students to specialise in a particular field and are offered in Science and Integrated Management of Water, Reservoir Geology and Geophysics, and Mineral Resources and Geological Hazards. The Faculty also teaches two interniversity master's degrees: Paleobiology and Fossil Record (UAB-UB) and Oceonagraphy and Marine Environmental Management (UB-UPC).

Finally, a doctorate is the highest form of academic qualification available to students and grants eligibility to teach and research at university level. At the Faculty of Earth Sciences, doctoral studies provide advanced training in research techniques and encompass participation in courses, seminars and other activities to further this training.