Image of the faculty

The Faculty of Economics and Business is a leading centre for tuition in economics, business, sociology and statistics, and can claim to be the foremost faculty in these disciplines in Catalonia. It builds on the tradition established by the former Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences, which trained the first class of economics graduates in Catalonia (1954-1959), and the University School of Business Studies, which provided tuition to many generations of business and business science graduates following its creation in 1850. The two centres merged in July 2008 to form what is now the Faculty of Economics and Business. 

The Faculty is particularly notable for: 

  • Quality bachelor's degree tuition in a wide range of subjects, focusing on strong, generalist preparation for professional life, in line with the principles of the European Higher Education Area.
  • A commitment to internationalizing the learning experience, including a bachelor's degree and a master's degree taught entirely in English, and a range of bachelor's degree subjects with tuition in English.
  • A focus on practical experience and entrepreneurial skills, offering students a variety of professional placement options and a unique collaborative working environment for the development of entrepreneurship projects.
  • A broad range of postgraduate training options, preparing students for research and doctoral studies or leading to professional specialization.
  • A commitment to international mobility options, with the widest selection of bachelor's degree exchange programmes of any Catalan university (through Erasmus placements with European partners, the BCA Study Abroad programme with the United States, and specific agreements with institutions in Latin America and Asia).
  • Quality research, with 22 groups receiving the official support of the Government of Catalonia, some 200 researchers, and three specific structures to oversee its research activity: UB School of Economics, UB Business School and UB Sociology.