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The Bachelor’s Degree in Social Education, through theoretical and practical training, enables the student to develop and practise the stimulating profession of social worker. It also provides training in an emerging field of pedagogical knowledge, that is, social education. 

These studies provide expertise, mind-sets and skills to design, develop and appraise socio-educational resources, initiatives and programmes with an inclusive and critical perspective of educational practices.

It also provides the knowledge required to understand, interpret and analyse the theoretical and practical foundations of social education in its various social contexts and times.

In short, it trains and enables the student to practise as a social worker in the various contexts and areas of this profession, endowed with a critical perspective and a social sensitivity for change processes and social participation.

Basic information

Branch of knowledgeSocial Sciences
Mode of delivery


Number of places available


Notes de tall --

8.990 (July 2022, start of process, via official entrance examinations/vocational training)

Language(s) of instruction

Catalan (71.9%), Spanish (28.1%)

Approximate price per credit17,69 €