Other specific documentation related to the selection criteria M2403

Applicants must present the following documents:

  • A curriculum vitae
  • Letter of presentation indicating the reasons for the applicant’s interest in the program and, if applicable, a description of the research project to be carried out
  • Certificate of proficiency in foreign languages
  • Certificate of proficiency in Spanish for foreign students

If necessary for purposes of selection, the following criteria will be established in accordance with the requirements indicated:

  1. Currículum vitae and academic record (75%)
  2. Certificate of proficiency in foreign languages indicating the applicant’s ability to access sources of knowledge in other languages related to Hispanic culture (10%)
  3. Proof of having studied literature-related courses during the undergraduate degree (10%).
  4. Personal interview (if the coordinator or commission consider it necessary) (5%)

Foreign students must present a certificate indicating their proficiency in Spanish