University extension course to train students with intellectual disability to improve their employability

News | 19-11-2019

On Thursday, November 7, the Faculty of Psychology opened the university extension course User, Citizen and Client Care Service. The course is funded by the Youth Employment Operational Programme from the European Social Fund (2014-2020) and ONCE Foundation. It is part of the promoted activities by the University of Barcelona on labour integration of people with intellectual disability, led by Marina Romeo, lecturer at the Department of Social Psychology and Quantitative Psychology.

The aim of this training is to contribute to the improvement of employability for young people with intellectual disability, by providing them with cross-sectional skills –social and emotional skills to keep satisfying interaction- as well as specific ones –knowledge and required skills for effective labour activity.

The teaching staff of this course is formed by teaching and research staff from the faculties of Psychology, Law, Economics and Business, Education, Medicine and Health Sciences, as well as administrative and service staff of the University of Barcelona.