Due to the exceptional circumstances we are currently going through, a group of medical students from the Universitat de Barcelona - Campus Bellvitge, joined forces with our professors and are trying to contribute in any way we can to this fight against the virus. For that reason, we came up with the idea of creating a website, short and concise, to help both the general public and healthcare professionals in their daily jobs.

We designed this site to help stop the spread of misinformation and false data that has arisen with the pandemic and is flooding social media. The contents we show here consist of some general information about the novel virus, the clinical symptoms presented by patients, and a description of how to differentiate it from the flu. We also hope to aid those doctors and fellow students who are tirelessly working against COVID-19 by providing content both radiological (chest x-rays and CT) and laboratory testing on the diagnosis of this disease.

Would you like to help?

Our platform provides a “Contact us” section that you can use to email your cases, either to help us increase our database or to ask any questions you have about COVID-19 radiological diagnosis. We send any technical question to Radiology Professionals who will try to help with their knowledge.


Remember we are medical students not doctors so if you have any question related to your simptoms please contact the phone number 061 CatSalut respon.