The Observatory is a research structure from University of Barcelona which is constituted as a platform for information, debate, reflexion, and knowledge and experiences exchange about the different pension systems in Europe from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Created to encourage formative and multidisciplinary research activities on the field of Complementary Social Pension Plans. It has the will of being an influence, on a social level, within the ongoing debate regarding the reform of pension systems in Europe.

How did the Observatory begin?

Back in 2018, PhD holders in Economics from the University of Barcelona started developing an idea.

How they see us

Who is part of the Observatory?

A group of specialists in different field and areas who work as a team to reach a determinant social goal.


How is the Observatory seen?

Relevant, experienced people explain how they see and what they expect from the Observatory.

How we are seen?

Who helps the Observatory?

The Observatory goes through a laborious job of data collection and analysis. To succeed, administrative, scientific, and economic support is highly required.


What are Complementary Social Pension Plans?

It is the set of politics and instrument, from both employment systems and individual level, developed to complement the public pension system, a basic pillar of our social welfare model.

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