BEFORE you use the student mailbox:

Check that the answer to your enquiry isn't already explained somewhere on the UB website.

If you are UB student, and your enquiry is about procedures, please contact the centre in question (secretary’s offices).

If you are a new undergraduate student,
visit the Welcome website with information about enrollment, funding support and life at the UB

When you use the mailbox, bear in mind the following:

  • that depending on how many enquiries we are processing, you may have to wait from one week to the next before get an answer;
  • that we'll only be able to reply to your enquiry on working days;
  • that the more information you give, the easier it will be for us to help;
  • that your reply will be sent to the address you record in the box below and only to that address.
  • And one last word of advice… Please try to make the language in your enquiry as clear as possible: shorthand may be quicker to write for you but it's going to take us much longer 2 undRst&!
  Enquiries mailbox  
  Enquiries mailbox  
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