Workshop // 12-14 July 2017 // Osnabrück

Infinity-Operads and Applications

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Infinity-operads have attracted a great deal of attention from the homotopy theory community and their potential for applications is now being explored in different fields. This workshop will give its participants the chance to learn about the existing models for infinity operads, the relation between them and some of their most recent applications. The workshop will consist of three mini-courses as well as contributed talks. The participants will be assumed to be familiar with the basic theory of ordinary operads and homotopy theory (that is basic model category theory and basic infinity-category theory). Here are some bibliographical suggestions.

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Gijs Heuts (University of Copenhagen)
Javier J. Gutiérrez (University of Barcelona)
Ieke Moerdijk (Universiteit Utrecht)


• Pedro Boavida (University of Lisbon)
Philip Hackney (Macquarie University of Sydney)
Rune Haugseng (University of Copenhagen)
Brice Le Grignou (Universiteit Utrecht)
Marcy Robertson (University of Melbourne)

Requirements for the participants

The participants should have a basic knowledge of Quillen model categories, ∞-categories and classical operads. However, participants are not expected to know any of the definitions of ∞-operad, more advanced ∞-category theory (like the definition of symmetric monoidal ∞-category), or more specific model category theory aspects (like Berger-Moerdijk model structure of operads). See our bibliographical suggestions.

This workshop is supported by the German Research Foundation through the priority program SPP 1786.

Organisers: Hongyi Chu (Universität Osnabrück), Joana Cirici (WWU Münster), Oriol Raventós and Markus Spitzweck (Universität Osnabrück).