Vision and Control of Action Group

In daily life humans make decisions at multiple levels: people have to decide between competing actions or responses within complex and rich environments. Decisions can be based on accumulating sensory evidence (perceptual decisions) like deciding when to stop the car so as not to collide with the one in front; or can consist in giving a response to a probabilistic or numerical problem. Regardless of the kind of decision, optimal decision making depends on people ascertaining different states of the environment accurately and reliably. The research in the Vision and Control of Action group tackles how people make perceptual and sensorimotor decisions as well as cognitive decisions.

The VISCA is a multidisciplinary group that uses different methodologies (Psychophysics, Eye movements, Virtual Reality, Behavioral responses, neuroimage and modeling) and although most of our research tries to answer foundamental questions, the potential for applicability and transfer in situations where we need to improve decision-making under uncertainty and risk is very high, such as driving, sports training, math training among others

The VISCA group is a consolidated research group acknowledged by the Catalan Government (label: 2017SGR-48). Most of the members belong to the Departament of Cognition and Development and the Institute of Neurosciences (UBneuro). of The Universitat de Barcelona.

Our research lines

Last Publications

The perceptual dynamics of the contrast induced speed bias.
Décima, A., Barraza, J., and López-Moliner, J.
Vision Research 191 107966 (2022)
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Scene variability biases our decisions, but not our perceptual estimates
de la Malla, C., & López-Moliner, J.
Journal of Experimental Psychology: human perception and performance.  48(12)  1439–1452 (2022)
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