Faculty members

Joan López-Moliner

My research in the group of Vision and Control of Action (VISCA), which I lead, addresses how people make perceptual and motor decisions in complex environments and their capacity for adapting to changing conditions of the environment. I explore a broad range of behaviour including decisional judgements and goal-directed motor actions by using different methodologies: psychophysics, computational modeling, virtual really, eye and motion tracking and, sometimes, neuroimage.

Hans Supèr

I am interested in the study of visual cortex processing and Eye movements, you can go to my web page to learn more about my research. My current interest include the application of vergence movements in clinical settings.

Elisabet Tubau

Research interests include sequence learning and decision making under uncertainty. She is also interested in probabilistic reasoning and how people make decisions when the same information is shown in different numeric formats (e.g. probabilities vs frequencies) 

Àngels Colomé

My research interest focuses on Numerical cognition: language and numbers; numbers' acquisition; cardinality and ordinality.

Matthias S. Keil

I am interest in neurocomputational modelling based on populations of neurons of different brain processes, including the processing of optic flow.

Cristina de la Malla

Cris studies different aspects of perception and action, including eye movements, interceptive actions and perceptual decision making.

Daniel Linares

My research interest is in perceptual decision-making

PhD. Students

Jaume Boned

Jaume's research project is about time perception. 

Pam Villavicencio

My research interest is in prediction in sensoriomotor control

Cristina Rodríguez-Arribas

My research interest is in perceptual decision-making on contrast processing

Andrés Méndez

My current research focuses on self-motion estimation from optic flow during natural behavior.


Björn Jörges

PhD student

Elisabeth (Lisa) Knelange

PhD student

David Aguilar-Lleyda

PhD student

Alexis Pérez-Bellido

PhD student


Borja Rodríguez-Herreros

PhD student

Elena Kokkinara

PhD student

Brendan Cameron


Clara Cámara

PhD Student