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The UB in figures

New edition of ‘The UB in figures’

Available in four-leaflet and online
The document features the highlights of the academic year 2020/2021
COVID-19 dissemination

What do we know about COVID-19?

Scientific dissemination on the disease
The main hall of the Historical Building holds an interactive module on COVID-19 until October 29.
Anna Navarro

Interview with Anna Navarro Schlegel

Successful businesswoman and former UB student
A guide in the field of technology, she was in charge of opening the academic year 2021/2022 in the UB.

The Univer

in figures
Our university integrates tradition and innovation
+63 k
UB students
Spanish university in the ARWU ranking 2020
most innovative university in Spain, according to Reuters
scientific publications in 2018

Our studies and faculties

Find out our studies

Bachelor's, master's, and postgraduate's degrees, and doctorate programmes as also as lifelong learning courses.

Find out our faculties and centers

Sixteen faculties and ten affiliated centers with a wide range of studies and research in all scientific areas.

Savannah chimpanzees and human evolution

The study can help researchers to reconstruct the behaviour of early humans who lived in similar habitats.

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Researchers David Llobet-Navàs (IDIBELL, CIBERONC) and Ruth Rodríguez-Barrueco (IDIBELL-UB). Image: IDIBELL

New study on breast cancer

Conducted on mice, it describes a micro-RNA group that regulates a specific type of breast cancer.

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Concert "Music and Politics"

The Chapel will host a concert on the great riots of the history of the 20th century.

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The artificial beach in the Barcelona Forum reveals a surprising marine biodiversity

Marine biodiversity in the Forum beach

A study identifies 514 marine species in the bathing area of this Barcelona city beach.

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Training for a more sustainable university

UNI-ECO European project to launch a training aimed at the whole university community

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New nanotechnology white paper

New nanotechnology white paper

Paper on its impact on ethical, social, legal, economic and educational aspects.

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List of buried people in Horta de Sant Joan during the Civil War whose body remains were recovered by their relatives in 1959.

Who is buried in the Valley of the Fallen?

Historical research relps to recover the remains of buried family members in this Francoist mausoleum.

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New edition of 'The UB in figures' with the highlights of the year 2020/2021

New edition of 'The UB in figures'

It features the highlights of the University of Barcelona and the evolution over the last academic years.

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Photo of an active pneumatic taken with a fluorescence microscope.

Universal laws describe active fluids

The turbulent fluxes of these fluids can be described through simple mathematical laws.

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The UB on video

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