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Learning Spanish in the UB

Learning Spanish in the UB

Over 70 years teaching Spanish to foreigners
Estudios Hispánicos is an institution of the University of Barcelona which is dedicated to the teaching of the Spanish language and culture to foreigners.
Open science.

Open Science, the Future of Research

Accessibility and transparency
A University of Barcelona commission is charged with the task of setting out the strategic orientation of its open access policy
Ateneu UB, an initiative by the University of Barcelona.

Where experience has no limits

A space for reflection and knowledge transfer
A meeting point for professors who, despite being retired, still have much to offer to the university community.

The Univer

in figures
Our university integrates tradition and innovation
+63 k
UB students
Spanish university in the ARWU ranking 2020
most innovative university in Spain, according to Reuters
scientific publications in 2018

Our studies and faculties

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Bachelor's, master's, and postgraduate's degrees, and doctorate programmes as also as lifelong learning courses.

Find out our faculties and centers

Sixteen faculties and ten affiliated centers with a wide range of studies and research in all scientific areas.
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Rector’s statement on exam period

Assessment must be carried out according to the syllabuses, but with flexibility.

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Joan Guàrdia, new rector of the UB.

Joan Guàrdia takes office as new rector of the UB

"It is necessary to promote a change for and with everyone", he said in his first speech as rector.

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The study warns about the need to promote specific policies to minimize this serious environmental problem. Photo: Caladan Oceanic

Seafloors, big landfills

Litter concentration can reach densities similar to large landfills.

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Posidonia prairies can take plastics from the sea

This marine phanerogam acts as a filter and traps plastics thrown at the sea.

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Poster of the sixth edition of Els Vespres d'Hivern.

Els Vespres d'Hivern musical warmth is back

Lu Rois and Anna Andreu are the stars of this edition, to be held in online and face-to-face formats.

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ACUP research report

Catalonia maintains an outstanding position in Europe and Spain

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UB solidary basket beats participation records

Solidarity is unstoppable. It is seen in the fact that the UB solidary basket has raised 5,456€ this year.

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An open-access database gives access to a thousand documents on medicine and health in the old Crown of Aragon.

New database on the Crown of Aragon

MedCat - Corpus Medicorum Catalanorum provides open access to thousands of documents.

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In the new experiment, 92 white female participants stood in a virtual street embodied either in a white or black body, with crowds of virtual people walking by.

Immersive virtual reality and racial bias

Study on the effects of racial bias of virtual body change in different social contexts.

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The future Master Plan of Granvia in Hospitalet

The rector urges the Minister of Territory and Sustainability to re-promote urban planning.

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The exhibition will be open in the Design Museum of Barcelona until January 10, entrance is free.

Exhibition on designs against COVID-19

Fine Arts teaching staff exhibits in the Design Museum within the framework of CAR3D project.

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