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Bimodal teaching in the UB

The new academic year is marked by exceptionality
Teaching quality will be guaranteed while the health of the university community will be preserved as well.
Students in the UB.

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The University of Barcelona welcomes the new students
The university life goes beyond its rooms. The UB walks alongside the new students and offers them a wide range of services.
Students at the University of Experience

Learning never gets old

The University of Experience, a growing project
Its programs, structured into one or two academic years, are aimed at people over 55, without any requirement on previous studies

The Univer

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Our university integrates tradition and innovation
+63 k
UB students
Spanish university in the ARWU ranking 2020
most innovative university in Spain, according to Reuters
scientific publications in 2018

Our studies and faculties

Find out our studies

Bachelor's, master's, and postgraduate's degrees, and doctorate programmes as also as lifelong learning courses.

Find out our faculties and centers

Sixteen faculties and ten affiliated centers with a wide range of studies and research in all scientific areas.
Huntington's disease

New findings on Huntington's disease

Researchers identify a protein that contributes to motor dysfunction.

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Bosch i Gimpera Foundation.

Bosch i Gimpera Foundation improves its results

In 2019, the BGF managed 779 projects accounting for 33.85 million euros.

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Natural diamonds.

Natural nanodiamonds in oceanic rocks

Diamonds can be formed through low pressure and low temperature geological processes.

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Virgínia Novel.

Honouring Virgínia Novel

From today on, the Podiatric Hospital of Bellvitge Campus is named after her.

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Hodgkin lymphoma.

Advances in Hodgkin lymphoma research

A gene to distinguish cases with the worst prognosis.

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ICREA Academia 2019.

ICREA Academia awards nine UB researchers

The program awards the excellence of the research they carried out.

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The two noble kinsmen.

When Shakespeare came to Spain

A play found in Salamanca is the first play by William Shakespeare to have circulated in Spain, according to findings just published.

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Rector's office inaguration.

Inauguration in the Rector's Office

Members take office in Academic Planning and Quality, Teaching, Internationalization and Students and Language Policy.

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The Faculty of Philosophy collaborates with Vila Pensa in the Llorens i Barba Ciutat de Vilafranca Chair.

"Are we human?", motto of Vila Pensa 2020 festival

UB experts will reflect on the purpose and meaning of our life.

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The UB on video