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55th anniversary of the creation of the Students’ Democratic Union

The seed of the Students’ Union

Anti-Francoism won the University 55 years ago
The subjects remember the creation of the Students’ Democratic Union in 1966 in the Sarrià Capuchins.
César Coll.

Personalized learning

Interview with the emeritus professor César Coll
“If the school has to generate competences for life in the 21st century, we need to change the model”
Workers against COVID-19

COVID-19: Work and inequality

The pandemic caused more unemployment in certain collectives
COVID-19 consequences in vulnerable groups analysed from an economic and sociologic perspective

The Univer

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Our university integrates tradition and innovation
+63 k
UB students
Spanish university in the ARWU ranking 2020
most innovative university in Spain, according to Reuters
scientific publications in 2018

Our studies and faculties

Find out our studies

Bachelor's, master's, and postgraduate's degrees, and doctorate programmes as also as lifelong learning courses.

Find out our faculties and centers

Sixteen faculties and ten affiliated centers with a wide range of studies and research in all scientific areas.
The circular surface, superimposed on the image of Andromeda Galaxy (M31), represents the instrument DESI, covering a portion of more than three square degrees in the sky. The represented spectrum in the sky corresponds to a distant quasar of 11 billion years ago. Image: DESI – Legacy Imaging Surveys collaboration.

DESI to reveal dark matter mysteries

Beginning of a study to build a 3D map with data on 30 million galaxies.

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The researchers, with head offices in five different countries, will analyse the potential barriers in citizen participation in the old age.

Seniors and citizen participation

A study led by the UB analyzes the level of old people's engagement in civic activities.

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Improvement in oncology diagnostic tests

The UB is now part of the biotechnological company Reveal Genomics.

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Josep Maria Reniu, appointed senator

The lecturer of Political Science has been assigned in the Pennary Session of the Catalan Government.

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Historical Building

Improvement in the "50 carreras" ranking

The UB, among the top five in Spain in 23 degrees analysed by 'El Mundo' newspaper.

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INJUVE and EUROM coordinate the first edition of Route of the Exile, to take place from July 15 to 30, and it is aimed at young people aged between 16 and 17.

Bringing youngsters closer to the republican exile

The Institute of Youth and EUROM coordinate the first edition of the project Route to the Exile.

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This endemism of the terrestrial malacological fauna in Catalonia was described more than a hundred years ago in the Montserrat mountain.

‘Xerocrassa montserratensis’ snail

A study reveals the genetic structure of this endemic species, found in 1870 in Montserrat.

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Towards professionalization of quantum science and technology

Towards the professionalization of quantum

The academic year 2021/2022 launches a master's degree on quantum science and technology coordinated by the UB.

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The study reveals for the first time the recent evolution of snow at high levels in the Catalan Pyrenees.

Is there a snow decline in the Catalan Pyrenees?

The UB takes part in a study that reveals the recent evolution of snow in the western Pyrenees.

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