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Vaccines, a centenarian success

They are crucial against infectious diseases
From smallpox to COVID-19, an invention that saved millions of lives

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The creative outburst of a waning language

The outburst of a waning language

The peak of literature while language declines
Catalan literature is living a creative golden age while the social use of the language is in decline

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Our university integrates tradition and innovation
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UB students
Spanish university in the ARWU ranking 2020
most innovative university in Spain, according to Reuters
scientific publications in 2018

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Sixteen faculties and ten affiliated centers with a wide range of studies and research in all scientific areas.
Noemí Contreras-Pereda (ICN2) and Josep Puigmartí (IQTCUB-ICREA) with the microgravity device.

Simulated microgravity

A new method allows researchers to create experimental conditions that simulate those in space.

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The Mfn2 has a mainly mitochondrial localization, but a small portion of the protein is also in the endoplasmic reticulum.

Mitofusin 2 and energy metabolism

A study reveals new functions of mitofusin 2 in cellular energy production.

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The new stage of Els Vespres seduces a thousand people

The new stage of Els Vespres is captivating

The Agustí Pedro i Pons villa, at the feet of Vallvidrera, has fascinated the audience and the artists.

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Severe COVID-19 infections

Severe COVID-19 infections

Researchers describe two new variants of the ‘TLR7’ gene associated with severe COVID-19.

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The UB will lead TRUE project to promote entrepreneurship, funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology

European project TRUE to boost entrepreneurship

The UB will lead the project, funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

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Marta Sitges, Kilian Vellvé, Fàtima Crispi, Isabel Blanco, Eduard Gratacós y Francesca Crovetto. Foto: H. Clínic

The cardiovascular risk of low birth weight

Changes in the heart remain during adulthood and limit the ability to exercise.

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The managed fallows are marked in order to minimize visitors’ affluence. Photo: Josep M. Torres Payerol

Steppe birds in the Lleida Plain

The scientific monitoring of the population confirms the good results of the management strategies.

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New research projects on health

The UB, in three of the thirty funded projects by the CaixaResearch call.

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Start UB.

Awards to students' entrepreneurship

The prizes, awarded in the Let's UB! session, distinguished a project on sustainable tissues.

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The volcanic soda lake Sonachi (Kenya) is located in the African Rift Valley The lecturer Andrea Butturini, member of the Department of Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences.

The African Rift Valley Sonachi lake

Created inside a volcanic crater, it is an extreme habitat that generates a high concentration of methane.

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