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Already in college

Already in college

We speak with new students of the academic year 2022-2023

The UB is, once again, the Catalan university with the highest demand as first option for those who are about to start the university studies next academic year. The beginning of a university degree represents, in many cases, the opportunity of pursuing a vocation, after years of effort and overcoming diverse difficulties. We spoke with four new students of the University of Barcelona, who tell us about their journey and their expectations regarding this new stage of life.

“I wanted to be a doctor since I was a kid. I want to make this dream a reality at the University”

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“Many times, after a game, I went home and had to study. I even had to study during car journeys. It is difficult, you have to sacrifice some things, but I play hockey because I like it”, says Laia Juan, who will start studying History next academic year and is a member of the Tutoresport UB programme, aimed at top-level sportspeople. She plays in Club Palau de Plegamans: “I am playing in the OK Liga Iberdrola, the top category in the Spanish league. We have been the champions for two years in this league and in the topcompetition in Europe”. Now, Laia has to combine the demanding sport she plays with history studies: “I think we cannot think of a future or a present without being aware of the past”.

Jonatan Sven Torokovas will study Medicine, in the Bellvitge Campus, after a long journey of fighting obstacles. He has refractory epilepsy, a disorder for which he has suffered neglect and rejection. “I am as valid as any other person, this disease should not be neither a condition nor a barrier”, he says. “Socially, there is still work to do so that inclusion becomes a reality. We should work together to make and see changes in the sort and long terms”, he says, and concludes: “I wanted to be a doctor since I was a kid. I want to make this dream a reality at the University”.

Hermes Schiavon knew what he wanted to be, in this case in the field of fine arts. He got a university-admission grade over 13, which is exceptionally high. Therefore, he could choose his studies. “I do not remember any time when I did not enjoy drawing. I’ve always done it. Since I was a kid, both me and my parents had the idea that I would go to university and study Fine Arts”, he says. He is @hehermes on Instagram and that’s where he publishes some of his drawings. He says he got such a high score in PAU because he can easily memorize things: “I would have done it even better if I hadn’t been so stressed”.

Mariangela Diaz, born in Venezuela, studied there until she moved to Barcelona with her family during high school. She studied the scientific upper secondary studies: “At that moment, I only knew I liked sciences”. In September, she will start the studies of Materials Engineering. She says that “although there is inequality between men and women, we all have the opportunity of studying what we like regardless of the gender. I see this in my family, in which there is more than one female engineer, and this is why for me, the branch of engineering is not linked to any gender”.

Laia Juan at the UB Sports Services.
Jonatan Sven Torokovas in a room of the Bellvitge Campus.
Hermes Schiavon at the Faculty of Fine Arts.
Mariangela Diaz at a laboratory of the Faculty of Chemistry.