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The new UB website.

The new UB website:
questions and answers

The new platform is now a reality

The website of the University of Barcelona has undergone an important change. A change to look outside, with an adapted design to the latest trends, favouring accessibility and with a simplified navigation. This is an image renovation, but mainly a new way to understand communication.
After many years, we tune in with the current graphic criteria: more audiovisual presence (podcasts, videos, photographs and infographics), clear information (texts to connect with the target audience) and an improvement of the user’s experience, with web analytical tools, among other benefits.

There will be many changes, which will be added in successive phases

The renovation of the website will be carried out gradually. First, in July 2020, we have launched the first and second levels of navigation of the four main menus (Study, Research, Participate and The UB), and a secondary menu aimed at target audiences.
In Autumn, the redesign of other websites of the universe will be worked on in order to adapt these to the new platform. Also, we will launch the app Soc UB, which will provide the students with a tool to make their study easier.
Last, around summer of 2021, this process of change will finish with the launch of the domain. Moreover, the websites of the faculties will be adapted and the main search engine as well as the study search engine will be open, which will enable people find the offer on bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as UB-specific studies in no time.

The website has been designed while thinking about the comfort and needs of the users.
In case you have doubts, we prepared a section of Questions and Answers where you can solve your doubts.
If you have suggestions, complains and questions about the new website, please send this online form.

Questions and Answers


In the Welcome website, where you can find specific information for the new students of the University of Barcelona. This is the first contact with everything the institution offers, as well as the requirements for first-time enrolments.

Information about the offer of grants and economic aids for students is in Why choose the UB?, in turn, in the section Study.

Information about students’ admission with foreign studies is in the International section. You can also find information regarding temporary stays and Erasmus stays, as well as the language the courses are taught in and language studies.

All the information about this is in the section University Housing.

Information about sports at the UB is in the chapter Services, inside the section Campus.

The Student Council represents and gives voice to the students of the University. You can find all the information about the Council, and the other governing bodies of the UB, in The University section.

All the information about the studies can be found in the menu Study. In order to see the enrolment procedure of the studies, you need to enter bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, UB-specific master and bachelor’s degrees, and doctoral studies.

Information about the faculties of the University of Barcelona is in the page Faculties.

About the website

No. The former website is no longer accessible. However, until Spring of 2021, when it will converge to an only platform, certain levels of navigation will redirect to the former website.

The University of Barcelona provides a specific online form to answer doubts, complains and comments from the users. If you have any technical problem, it will be solved through this channel as well.

The website has a section with a tree of content about the platform: the web map. If you do not find the information you were looking for, please send this online form, and you will be guided to the content you want.

It will be active in Spring of 2021. It will be predictive and will be Google-based. At the moment, we suggest that you use the Google search engine. To do so, please write in the search box, leave a blank space and write the word you need.

At the bottom of any page, in Direct links.


The agenda of the University of Barcelona is linked at the bottom of the page. You can access the calendar of activities of the institution via though this link.

Please contact our Press Office, through the email address

University of Barcelona services

Through this link you can access UBtv, the Youtube channel of the Audiovisual Services of the University of Barcelona, where you can find all the video repository of the UB.

The access is visible in the secondary menu, in UB Facilities.

In the Services page, inside the Campus chapter, you can access the phone apps created by the University of Barcelona. All the members of the university community can download software, access Internet and get information about other resources through the ICT area page.

The School of Modern Languages offers seven languages to study: English, German, French, Italian, Persian, Chinese and Dutch. International students can study Catalan at the UB Language Services and Spanish in the Institute of Hispanic Studies. All the necessary information is in the portal Languages at the UB, which you can also find at the bottom of the website.

The University of Barcelona has a publishing service, Publications and Editions of the UB, which you can find in the Services page, inside Campus.

In the Culture page, inside Commitment, in turn in The UB/Commitment.

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