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The University of Barcelona plays the important role of providing social support for various population groups.
Supporting society


The University of Barcelona is aware of its social and environmental responsability, and its strong commitment with the culture.

Environmental policies

The promotion of sustainable means of transport is one action promoted by the UB.

Reducing the carbon footprint

Of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, four are strongly related with reducing the carbon footprint: clean water and sanitation; affordable, clean energy; sustainable cities and communities; and climate action.

The University of Barcelona is carrying out actions in each of these areas, such as cutting polluting emissions, converting the electricity consumed to 100% renewable sources or reducing water consumption. You can find out about all our actions relating to SDG in this area.

Actions relating to the SDG

In 2018, the University of Barcelona archived the target that all energy consumed by the university is from renewable sources, as a result of the Framework agreement for the joint contraction of energy supply (electricity and gas) for organisations in the procurement group of the Consortium of University Services of Catalonia (CSUC). This led to a considerable reduction in polluting emissions. Previously, emissions were associated with a mix of energy sources that the supplier used to generate electricity, many of fossil origin (oil and gas) or nuclear.

“Since 2018, all the energy consumed at the UB has been from renewable sources”

The University of Barcelona has made a considerable effort to reduce water and energy consumption. In 2019, consumption dropped to previous levels of twenty years ago. Electricity consumption is 4.5% lower than in 2018 and gas 8.9% lower.

Sustainable mobility is another area of action of the University of Barcelona. The university has carried out actions to promote the use of public transport and bicycles and has set up, for example, UB bicycle points for self-repair of bicycles.