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Great effort of the UB against the pandemic.

The UB, against COVID-19

The University of Barcelona supports its university community during the pandemic

The University of Barcelona is making an effort to make the university life easier during the pandemic situation.

The UB has activated an informative site showing all actions carried out to fight COVID-19. This site features all the information about the guidelines and instructions for the online teaching and assessment, the Rector’s Office statements and resolutions, as well as information about personal data protection.

The UB offers a site with all the actions carried out by the institution to battle #covid19

Moreover, the University launched the program Connecta UB, which mitigates the digital gap by lending computer equipment and internet access for those students with economic difficulties. In addition, it also offers the university community a service of psychological support, led by the Unit of Behaviour Therapy of the UB, in order to alleviate some of the repercussions of the home confinement.

The University also offers the section #FaqsUBcovid19, where it provides answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the functioning of the University during these days in this exceptional situation.

 Facilities in the Centre for Research and Production of Experimental Medicines, Farmatec UB, where the hydroalcoholic gel has been produced.
Minister of Health of the Catalan Government, Alba Vergés, visiting the Clinical Simulation Laboratory.
Health equipment and material donated by the Scientific and Technological Centers.