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UB Collaboration grant

Basic information about the grant or financial aid

Definition of the grant:

Students shall collaborate with various bodies of the UB or external entities that have signed collaboration agreements with the University. In exchange, they shall receive financial assistance and will be registered on the Spanish Social Security system. These grants give students the opportunity to broaden their personal and academic experience.

Aimed at:

Students at the UB or at one of the UB-affiliated centres who are studying on any recognized bachelor’s degree, first and second cycle, university master’s degree, doctoral program or UB-specific course (university extension diploma or certificate of attainment courses are excluded).

Basic requirements:

General requirements:

  • Applicants shall not have received a collaboration grant for the same UB or external unit for more than the three years immediately preceding the call for applications.
  • Students must have obtained at least 30 ECTS credits, unless they are just beginning a course or have chosen a slow track (in which case, they must have obtained a minimum of 15 credits). Doctoral students must be enrolled for the doctoral program (as established by the UB with regards to doctoral tutorship).
  • Students must enrol for at least 18 ECTS credits or the credits that they need to finish their course (if they are on a slow track, their enrolment must indicate that they are continuing at the UB).
  • Students must have a basic level of spoken Catalan and/or Spanish.

In addition, students must meet the specific requirements established in the call for applications.

Call for applications:

There are two general calls for application: March and October. Additional calls are announced throughout the year.


Applications are made online, by means of a collaboration grants form (Món UB)

Awarding body:

University of Barcelona

Processed by:

Collaboration grants (Student Grants and Financial Aid)

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