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The UB awards an honorary doctorate to Luigi Ferrajoli and Luciano Vandelli, distinguished figures in European law

Luigi Ferrajoli.

Luigi Ferrajoli.

Luciano Vandelli.

Luciano Vandelli.



On Tuesday, January 29, The University of Barcelona will award an honorary doctorate to two great figures in the field of European Law: Luigi Ferrajoli, author of important contributions to the theory of democratic constitutionalism, fundamental rights and “guarantism” in legal culture and the European and Latin-American politics, and Luciano Vandelli, one of the highest authorities in the field of administrative law and in particular in the territorial organization of the State, local government and renewal of public institutions. In the ceremony, the patrons of Ferrajoli will be the lecturers of the Faculty of Law Iñaki Rivera and Joan Queralt, and for Vandelli, his patron will be the lecturer of the same faculty, Tomàs Font. During this activity, to be held at 12 noon in the Paranimph of the Historical Building, the extraordinary awards for masters’ degrees (academic year 2016-2017) will be given. The activity will be broadcasted via the UB youtube channel and the University’s Facebook page.

Luigi Ferrajoli (Florence, 1940) has contributed significantly to the reformulation of the study of Lwa, with the recognition of human rights as a fundamental pillar of a theory of democracy. Professor at the University Roma Tre, he focused his work on the relation between democracy and law, and between law and reason. Ferrajoli proposes –over his work- a democratic transformation, and with this objective he reaches aspects of philosophy of law, but also of a strong constitutionalism from which certain social and legal policies derive. This is completed with his approach to a criminology with sociological roots, not subject to legal sciences. Before the investiture, on January 30 and 31, the Faculty of Law will hold an international session paying homage to Ferrajoli, which will treat topics such as the practice of torture by security forces or public freedom and “guarantism”.

Luciano Vandelli (Bologna, 1946), professor at the University of Bologna, carried out an extense and deep legal analysis of the public, constitutional and administrative institutional system in Southern Europe countries with Napoleonic tradition. He was the first author to publish a complete study on the autonomic system established by the Spanish constitution in 1978. His contributions enabled understanding the deep reasons of the current territorial, autonomic and local configuration of the countries in Southern Europe, as well as the possibilities and strategies for its reform based on the tight relationship between autonomy and democracy. It has been a fundamental bridge between Spanish and Italian jurists. In particular, he maintained strong ties with the University of Barcelona, including Conferences and academic sessions together and the promotion of the first agreement to launch the Erasmus program between the faculties of Law of the UB and the University of Bologna, after which the collaboration spread to other faculties and Universities. In fact, this collaboration crystallized in the honorary doctorate investiture to Fabio Roversi Monaco in 1989 by the UB, who was then the rector of the University of Bologna Vandelli’s lecturer. The Faculty of Law will offer, on Monday January 28, the day before the investiture, an international colloquium to pay homage to Luciano Vandelli, in which Spanish and Italian academicians will debate on the territorial and institutional reforms in Spain and in Europe.

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