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Open enrolment for Els Juliols UB courses





The enrolment for the summer courses of the University of Barcelona is open. This edition of Els Juliols UB offers a total of 37 courses from different knowledge fields, which treat topics on current issues and of social interest from a critic and multidisciplinary perspective. Almost all courses will be held online and enrolment must be carried out online.


One of the courses that stands out this year is Philosophy and Violence, created by the team that promoted the creation of the Barcelona Pensa festival. Coordinated by Laura Llevadot, lecturer of Contemporary Philosophy at the UB, this course suggests analysing the problem of violence in contemporary democratic systems and articulating another line of political thinking (following Derrida, Agamben, Segato, Mbembe, etc.).

Children abuse is another topic for this year’s courses. Under the title Warning signs and indicators of children abuse, this theoretical and practical course will show and analyse state-of-suspicion situations for children abuse (physical, emotional, prenatal, negligence, sexual abuse, etc.) which should be identified by professionals of the system of protection to children and adolescents.

Els Juliols also treat Autism Spectrum disorder in the course Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder. This disorder, from which we do not know about an only cause, appears in about 1% of the population, both children and adults. Among the participants will be Rosa Calvo, psychiatrist at the Department of Children and Juvenile Psychiatry and Psychology in Hospital Clínic, and lecturer at the Department of Medicine and researcher at the Institute of Neurosciences of the University of Barcelona.

Scientific dissemination is the base of the course Connecting science, coordinated by Xavier Luri, lecturer at the Faculty of Physics. The aim is to offer the necessary tools to create a video on Youtube with scientific content for a specific audience.

Open courses for everyone

Els Juliols courses are open to all society and contents are adapted to all audiences, so they do not require any previous training. Also, the online format makes it easier for people to enrol, since they won’t need to leave the house. These courses will take place during July in morning and afternoon shifts. These short-length courses can be 8, 12, 16 or 20-hours long. Both schedules and languages of the classes are stated in the program for each course. From May 3 to 21, a reduced fee for the 20-hour courses is applied.

Els Juliols UB offer academic recognition for the students of the University (two academic credits for each 20-hour course) and for the publicly-employed teaching staff (teaching promotion credits). Fulfilling the requirements of attendance and assessment, students get a certificate given by the Institute for Lifelong Learning of the University of Barcelona (IL3-UB).

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